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I'm a Kassastrophe...

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This is a personal blog so I will post quite a bit about my life, pictures included, as I learn to love and accept myself and the world around me.
Nov 16 '13

I couldn’t resist when I found this cutie on ebay. But is it genuine? Honestly I don’t know, and if anyone could shed some light I’d appreciate it.
I tried to do some reading about bootleg plushes online but this seems soft like my vulpix and pretty accurate and I think it has the right tag, but now I know about factory rejects I really don’t know. I mean it cost me £16 from Hong Kong and they said they had 10+ so considering this is supposed to be a 2012 hard to find item it doesn’t look good!

Whether it’s genuine or not won’t make me love it any less but if the ebay shop lied I do want my money back!

  1. tastytexan said: Personally if it’s from Hong Kong and they’ve got a lot of them then I’d assume it’s fake, however they could have just bought them in bulk and are selling them cheaper like my Jolteon and Espeon :D
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